Victory in the Battle

Look around you… do you know who may be going through trials at this moment? Sometimes it is obvious, but other times the people around us are suffering without saying a word. I have spent many days with inner turmoil without sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone. I have been at the point where I thought no one would understand. It hurt too bad to even admit the circumstances that I was forced to face. Throughout life we face many battles. Some are small daily battles and others are life changing. The way we choose to fight the battle will ultimately determine the outcome. Every situation that we face has a physical aspect as well as a spiritual aspect. We can control our reaction to circumstances, but we cannot control other people.

We all have a common enemy- Satan will do anything to derail us from God’s plans. He will attack us emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  Do not be discouraged, the battle is not yours, but God’s. (II Chronicals 20:15)   If we fight the battle in the physical, we are taking God out of the equation. We are fighting a power that is much greater than our mortal body; but that same power is small in the presence of the God of the universe. By fighting your own battle, you will set yourself up for defeat. It’s hard to let go, but God has much more experience and insight than you do. He sees the final outcome. He sees the victory.

The bible gives us instructions on fighting battles. “God helped them as they fought the battle. God handed the Hagrites and all their allies over to them, because they cried out to him during the battle. He answered their prayers because they trusted him” (1 Chronicles 5: 18-23)-He will fight for you too. He fought for them because they “cried out”. If you are in need, cry out to your Father. Think of when your children are hurt and cry out to you. You run to them as fast as you can. You help them with love and compassion. He answered their prayers because they “trusted” him. We have to trust him when things look bad. In a battle, you can’t see a clear picture because there is smoke everywhere. It’s loud and  chaotic. But God can see with clear eyes- trust that he will bring you through. Pray constantly while the battle is raging. Assemble a group of prayer warriors that will believe and pray until the victory is accomplished. Prayer may not change your situation immediately. But it will most definitely touch God’s heart and prayer will always change YOU! And remember- It’s Gods battle not yours. Cry out, trust, Pray, and give it to Him.

Be Still


5 thoughts on “Victory in the Battle

  1. Thank you for the reminder of how to face our battles. I often forget to cry out to the Father, and I try to hash out my own frustrations in the flesh. But God is a trustworthy ally and I need to submit to Him.


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