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When It Rains

Rain…. Not weather that I enjoy. This is the second weekend that it has rained non-stop. It also rained almost all week this week. Drizzly, nasty rain. I am one of those people that loves the hot summer and the crisp fall when the sun is bright. When you must wear sunglasses at all times. When it is light outside until almost bedtime. So when it rains for days, I can get the blues.

As I was complaining in my head this week, I was “reminded” by God that the rain is needed. The rain is what makes the flowers bloom in the spring and helps the leaves to turn different colors in the fall. The rain waters the ground and makes the fields bring forth food to eat. It makes fresh water in the streams. It washes the dust away and cleans this place, the earth, that we call home. As much as I personally do not enjoy the rain, it is needed.

Most of our life, we go from one stage to the next without much thought. But at some point, we also experience rain in our life. We do not enjoy it, but it is needed as well. I have experienced times when it felt like it would never stop raining. Day after day my life looked gloomy, everything seemed to go wrong.  Those days define a period that I felt that it was impossible to feel any happiness. My circumstances were out of my control and the issues that I faced were painful.  I would long for a glimpse of sunlight. Just a sliver of sun to shine during those rainy days. Occasionally, I would have a moment of light, but it would quickly disappear and the rain would come again.

Eventually, I slowly began to see the sun again. While painful, those rainy days have made me appreciate the sunny days. The beautiful days when the sky is blue and the light shines bright. Those rainy days have made me appreciate the people that I love and appreciate days with no tears. Most of all, those days deepened my faith and love for God. He was there every minute. Leading me through the storm.  I hope to never return to a long period of rain in my life, but I also hope that I never take the sun for granted. I want to enjoy the sun every day that it shines. I want to stand in the sun and bask in the warmth and the light. Today, look around you and see the sun in your life. Find the things that God has blessed you with. Stand in sun.

Sometimes it takes the rain to appreciate the sun!



12 thoughts on “When It Rains

    1. God does have a purpose for each season. It’s just now always easy to see that reason during the trials. But those are the times that we learn the most and feel Him the closest.


  1. I love the rain, but not all the time. I have suffered with depression off and on since I was a teenager, and notice that due to circumstances out of my control or on glum gloomy days, I tend to get more down, in a funk. I have been in a funk for a few weeks now, but I have seen small blessings throughout and know that God is with me. Great reminder!

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