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God’s Working On Me Today

As I post daily on the Be Still Facebook page, I pray that God will use the message to touch someone.  I do not want the page to be a “media” page, but instead a place that speaks life. A place that directs people to Jesus.  A place where words will bring hope, healing, grace and restoration.  A majority of the time the post will come from something that God is speaking to me regarding areas in my own life. It has taken years to learn to “be still” and listen. It is a process that is still in the works. Typically if it is in my head it is out my mouth (very little filter). God’s working on this…..

Below is my post today:


“Teach us to realize how short our lives are. Then our hearts will become wise.” Psalm 90:12  Today, let’s be like David and ask God to make our hearts wise. Don’t waste today. Don’t waste a second. Ask God what He wants from you today. Ask Him for wisdom and guidance. You are where you are for a purpose. Find that purpose!  

 Life is short! Make every day count!

So… typically I am busy all day without ever seeing the sun except through a window. But today I left work to go to an appointment. I was excited to be out for a few hours. Sunny, almost 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky.   I drove back to work (reluctantly) with sunglasses on and listening to the radio- singing in my off key way.  I exited the interstate and there was a young man standing at the bottom of the exit with a sign that said “Homeless, please pray for me.” Every car was driving by without stopping.  If you live in a city you know that it is a common to see homeless people on corners and at interstate exits. God immediately said, “Give him your money”.  Not some of your money, but all of your money.  I didn’t have much cash, less than $10.00. I looked in my wallet and almost gave the $5.00 but not the $1’s. However, I had that urging to give it all. I rolled the window down and saw a young man in his early 20’s with dirty clothes. All I said to him was that I would be praying for him. I looked in my mirror as I was driving away and saw him walking off. The man in the car behind me was shaking his head as if in disgust. It was at that moment that I realized my purpose for today. The money was only a side note. I have no idea what he will do with that mere $9.00. He could have been hungry and went straight to McDonalds’. He may have taken it to buy drugs. I am not responsible for what he chose to do with that money. I am only responsible to being obedient to God. God said “give it all”.  My purpose was had nothing to do with money but to tell that young man that I would pray for him and then to actually follow through. Not drive off and forget him, but pray for God’s grace. Grace that we have all needed and continue to need.

I looked around me and saw clearly the other people walking through the city; the young girl on the bike, the business men and women in their suits, the doctors in their scrubs. God loves each of them. He also loves the homeless boy on the corner in his dirty clothes and holding his sign. As a parent, I believe that God’s heart breaks for us in our brokenness. He years for us to turn to Him and allow Him to pick us up and make us clean. To take that sign from our hand and feed us with food that will never leave us hungry again.

If you are reading this, I ask for you to please pray for the young man that I saw today. Pray that God continues to place people around him that will speak life. That he will turn to God and run into the arms of his Father.


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